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Here's a list of acting classes, self-taping equipment, and headshot photographers that we personally endorse and recommend to all of our actors.  All of the following products and services have been tried, tested, and used by YCAA artists or agents.


Classes that we have tried, tested and recommend

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LeBlanc School of Acting

One of if not the best youth program in the country.  Discover your shine & step into the spotlight with Leblanc School of Acting. The leading international acting school specializing in youth acting for TV & film.  Click Here

The Second City Toronto
Second City Toronto.png

The Second City is an improvisational comedy enterprise and is the oldest ongoing improvisational theater troupe to be continually based in Chicago, with training programs and live theatres in Toronto and Los Angeles.  Click Here

Joy Juckes
Voice and Speech Specialist.jpg

Joy Juckes is Great Voice Coach/Dialect Coach.  Transform your voice into your most powerful assest. Joy Juckes Voice and Speech Teaching. Vocal techniques for film, TV and business.  Click Here


Great Starter Light

This light produces a very soft light a close distance. The round shape makes it very easy to get a pleasant reflection in the eyes. Really great build. Love everything about this light.

Price: $119.99 + Tax
Great 2-Light Setup

Great light set for the price. You can dim the lights and balance between warm and cool lighting.  Use 1 as your "key light" and the other one as your fill light.  Makes great-looking self-tapes.

Price: $199. + Tax
Portable Backdrop

The perfect backdrop for photos and self-tape videos! The Blue makes you pop and looks great! 


Please be aware, it's a little tricky to get back into its case but definitely doable. Just need to practice!

Price: $59.99 + Tax
Good Cellphone Tripod

We really love it. It's very easy to use and very easy to set up. It feels very secure and stable and does a great job keeping your video steady.  Great value for the price.

Price: $35 + Tax
Pro Self-tape Kit 

Great pictures, great video quality, and relatively cheap for what you get. It may be a bit much for those just starting out, however for self-tapes that look and sound pro, this is the way to go.  Of course, you'll need lights, too.  We recommend the 2 light setup to go with this. 

Price: $1,182 + Tax
YCAA Choice Self-tape camera

Great picture for the price.  Amazing video quality.  Very durable.  We love the fact that there's an additional external mic for short vlogs to get better sound quality.

Price: $830 + Tax


Jaya Georgiades - YCAA - Jason
Jack Loughran Photography

Jack has been working with YCAA Artists from the very start and knows the type of shots we like and go for.  Jack is one of Toronto's best portrait/headshot photographers.

**Jack offers YCAA Artists a discount

Cameron Norris YCAA Toronto
Taytem Douglas - Headshot.jpg
David Leyes Photography

David is a well-established Toronto-based headshot photographer.  He has taken many famous pictures that have now become part of Toronto's culture. David is known for his excellent client satisfaction.

David has been a featured photographer on several shows including CBC’s, The Great Canadian Baking Show,“The Big Decision”, The W Network’s “Undercover Boss”, Cosmo T.V. and Fashion Television.

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