Based in Toronto, Canada YCAA was officially founded in February 2020 by Jason Norris who serves as the agency's managing partner and senior talent agent.

YCAA was recently named 'Canada's fastest-growing talent agency' by Casting Workbook and has established itself as a distinguished and sought-after agency by many actors in the Canadian film & TV industry, with talent on screens worldwide in productions by studios like Paramount, Sony, and Lionsgate, as seen on networks like CBC, HBO, ABC, CW, FX, OWN, TLC, and Discovery, and streamers like Netflix Disney + and Amazon.


YCAA prides itself on having a select roster of actors possessing world-class talent. Our roster is comprised primarily of actors throughout Canada with a strong focus on the hub cities (Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver 

Jason Norris
Jason Norris YCAA Toronto
Managing Partner, Senior Agent

Jason Norris is a native of Montreal.  He is the Managing Partner and Senior Talent Agent (Film/TV/Reality TV) at YCAA in Toronto. 


Jason studied communications at the University of Ottawa and shortly after graduation started his career working in advertising for a major advertising agency in Montreal.


In 2008, he decided to seek a "warmer-climate" and founded snapmedia a small commercial and social media agency in the heart of Toronto.


Since 2018, Jason has been working in talent representation on the commercial side and with a band of loyal actors and a couple of interns to help him, he decided to launch YCAA in February 2020.


Jason Norris is known for his taste in discovering new talent and building their careers in the Film and TV space as well as across all Entertainment platforms.  

Photograph by Jack Loughran Toronto, ON.

Emma Ryan
Emma Ryan YCAA Toronto
Partner, Senior Agent

Emma Ryan was born and grew up in Ireland.  Emma has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Care Studies from Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland.  She is certified with the NSPCC, protecting children in Entertainment.  She started working in the film and TV industry back home as an extra on a major Irish soap opera. 


Emma has been in Canada since 2015. She has spent the last decade working with children and youth in education, performing arts, including private schools, the National Ballet School of Canada, BBC UK, and New Line Cinema. 


Emma has a unique understanding of the TV/film industry, having built a reputation as diligent, trustworthy, and entirely dedicated to the success of her clients.

Emma joined YCAA shortly after its inception because of the exciting opportunity to work with a dynamic agency. 

Photograph by Jack Loughran Toronto, ON.


“Ask the right questions, and the answers will always reveal themselves”  - Oprah Winfrey

After years of working with talent on the production side, Jason Norris (YCAA’s original founder) realized that there had to be a better way of assisting actors with their acting careers. 
In 2015, the idea for YCAA started with a simple question.  What would the “perfect talent agency” look like?  
From there, more questions popped up.  How would it operate…What would the agency do differently?  Why would actors leave an agency and go to another?  What makes an agency successful?  What do actors want from an agency?  
So, from 2015 to 2019 Jason did a deep dive into the industry reading all the books, articles, and presentations he could get his hands on.  Then, set up meetings and spoke with hundreds of actors, casting directors, producers, retired agents…etc.  All with the sole purpose of finding the answers to the questions we started with.  
After hours and hours of candid conversations and business planning and putting all pieces in place, in February of 2020, YCAA was born.  

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