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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  If I sign with YCAA how much will it cost me to be represented by your agency?


We don't charge any monthly fees, registration fees, sign-up fees, or headshot fees. This allows us to keep our roster size small and selective, only signing on talent that we believe has a noticeable talent and drive. Our agency's success is directly tied to the success of our talent, so we prioritize skill level, passion, and hard work when selecting whom to represent.


This also means that we only make money when one of our talents books a job, so we carefully choose those who have the best potential for success.



Q:  In my artists agreement it says that YCAA agents don’t take any commission or money if the project is less than $500.  Does that mean that I should be submitting for those projects on my own or should I still send these projects to my agent?


We are here to help.  Your chances of booking are disproportionately higher if you have an agent apply for you as opposed to self-submitting.  Don't hesitate to share any projects you want to submit for with your agent, they will let you know if they will submit for you or not, regardless of compensation. Building trust and relationships are our top priority. We're eager to assist.

Q:  Can I cancel my agreement?


You have the right to cancel any contract within 10 days of receiving a written copy of your contract. You don’t need a reason to cancel.  Once the 10-day grace period is done, your contract then becomes binding.  That said, we did include an exit clause in our contract that allows any Artist(s) or Agent to cancel representation if there hasn’t been any activity or any opportunities given to you within a 4-month period.


Q:  How long are your artists agreements for?  What's the duration of your contract?


1-year.  In Canada, all talent agencies follow the TAMAC artist agreement standard.  All of our contracts are 12-months with an option to renew once the agreement is over.  Find out more about Your Rights as an Actor here -


Q: What casting networks is YCAA currently on?


We are on all the major casting platforms (Breakdown Services, Casting Network, and Casting Workbook)


Q:  Is YCAA currently looking to take on new Talent? 


We are always selectively expanding our roster. If you are interested please visit our submissions page.  


Q: Union vs. nonunion: Do I have to be a union member to book work?


No, you don’t necessarily need to be unionized to book acting jobs.  We agents can facilitate the paperwork and help with the process once eligible or if required.  


That said, if you are just starting out, it is very wise to look at all opportunities available. There are a slew of jobs that are non-union. It’s probably a good idea to go for those and get the experience needed to build a quality demo reel!


Union actors can audition and book non-union jobs, however, it is not advised and you need to check with your union before accepting or doing any non-union work.


Q:  Does YCAA represent background talent?


YCAA is a principal agency. We do not actively seek or submit background work.


Q:  How often does an actor work?


Actor selection is a multi-faceted process with many uncontrollable variables. Our role is to submit you for opportunities, but ultimately, selection depends on factors such as timing, appearance, experience, and personality.


We aim to provide you with a fair shot at success by giving you the chance to audition, and the outcome depends on your performance and fit for the role


Q:  How often can I get an audition?


Depends on your look and what our clients/casting directors asking for in their breakdowns.


Q:  Can I have more than one principal agency representing me?


At YCAA, we offer exclusive representation agreements for commercial, theatrical(film & TV), and theater work. This means we are the sole agency representing you in these areas. However, we permit our artists to work with additional agencies for non-overlapping specialties such as voice-overs, modeling, and music. This helps prevent conflicts of interest and ensures our artists' interests are always prioritized.


Q:  If you are under 18 years of age are you able to go to an interview and or sign with an agency?


No, minors cannot attend interviews or sign with agencies without a parent or guardian present. This is illegal and strictly prohibited



Q:  Is YCAA a member of TAMAC?


We are not yet a member of TAMAC due to the requirement of being in operation for at least 2 years.  This 2-year mark was officially reached in November, 2022.   We are currently in the process of applying for membership and the application process can take up to 4-months before acceptance.  Our application to join TAMAC was officially submitted in February 2023.  


That said, our agency operates with the same ethical standards and business practices upheld by TAMAC members, even if we are not officially a part of the organization. TAMAC is a well-regarded industry group that deals with various concerns, including union agreements.


Q:  What is ACTRA?

ACTRA is our guild that helps actors in making sure they are being treated fairly on set along with trying to get more work to come to our city.


Q:  Are there fees to join ACTRA?

Yes like any other business you have to pay for permits if you are a non-union actor who has been chosen for a union commercial or film. After the Apprentice Program, you are then asked to give union dues every year along with dues taken out of every job.

Q:  What if I asked an AI platform about YCAA what would it say about the agency?

As a neutral AI language model, I don't have the ability to make subjective claims like "best". However, YCAA (Young Canadian Artists Agency) is a well-regarded agency that represents Canadian artists and provides a range of services to help them build their careers, including booking gigs, handling contracts and finances, and providing marketing and branding support. Many Canadian artists have found success with YCAA's help, and the agency has a reputation for being professional, supportive, and effective in helping artists reach their goals.

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