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YCAA Toronto Logo

YCAA is revolutionizing the Canadian talent agency industry with a new approach to representation.


YCAA (Young Canadian Artists Agency) is a leading agency in the Canadian film and television industry, providing representation for actors, screenwriters, directors, and content creators of all genres.


We strive to exceed industry standards by delivering exceptional service to our clients.  This means that we are always looking for ways to better support our clients, whether it be through industry networking, personal attention, or innovative career development strategies.


Our main focus is to discover and develop the careers of the most promising emerging artists. We build careers from the ground up, guiding actors as they grow artistically and professionally and identifying financially and creatively rewarding opportunities across all media.  


We provide a hands-on and honest approach to guiding professional actors through their careers and procuring exciting and artistically fulfilling opportunities on their behalf. Locations in Toronto and Vancouver


We founded YCAA to fill a gap in the traditional agency market by providing exceptional contract advising, top-notch service, cutting-edge marketing and industry mentorship in the areas of film and television, branding, and social media.


Our efforts have been recognized, as YCAA is now considered one of the top talent agencies in Toronto. In 2020, we were even named the fastest-growing talent agency in Canada by Casting Workbook.

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